Welcome to Bodyhacking.org. My name is Martin and I am super excited to have you here browsing our website!

However, what excites me even more, is a chance to tell you our story. Read on.

I have been around sports pretty much my entire life. Since I was 8 years old to be exact. Since then I have tried few different sports seriously, on two different continents (Europe (yeah yeah it’s Eurasia) and North America). My primary sport was, and still is, basketball. However, through out the years I realized that while basketball is a fun sport, professional basketball is too hard on your body.

That is when I realized that you have only one body, so you must take care of it.

I simply moved from being professional basketball to a semi-professional basketball player.

I still satisfy my cravings for basketball. In Europe we have plenty of semi-professional leagues, where you can get paid and work a full-time job. As my basketball time diminishes every year, I noticed that I truly enjoy working out in the weight room, do yoga at home, and in general keep my body flexible and strong.

I truly found out for myself how flexibility and the right muscle balance takes all the lower back, achilles and knee pains away.

Now it seems like such an obvious thing. If your muscles are flexible and strong, they will not put tension on your joints, and thus there will be no pain.

Unfortunately, I had to find that out the hard way, which costed me a more fruitful and enjoyable basketball career.

No regrets what so ever though! I am fully happy where I am now, and that I may get a chance to teach someone not to make the same mistakes as I did.

This is how the idea for Body Hacking was born.

Here you will not only find sport products like runnings shoes, sport apparel, various accessories, but regularly added and refreshed tips and ideas of how to become stronger and flexible.

This website is certainly not for bodybuilders and other “meatheads” who want to jack their bodies up at any cost and look stupidly un-proportional.


Here we want to provide guidance to people of how to get their bodies healthy and strong for everyday activities. How to diminish certain pain in certain parts of their bodies. How to live a healthy lifestyle.

We want to help people to start working out, as that first step is always the hardest one to make.

I will share a quick real story of my experience having unbalanced muscle strength and lack of flexibility. So read on.

I had two “mysterious” pains in my body during 16-27 years of my life. After I finished my sophomore year in high-school, my left knee just above the cap started bugging me. Every time I would take off of two feet placing my left foot first and then the right foot, my left knee would just hurt. It was not bad pain at first, but it was getting worse and it nagged me more as time passed.

I saw a few doctors in Florida.

One of them came up with a conclusion that I was still growing, and there is nothing I can do, except to take some anti-inflammatory drugs and ice my knee after workouts.

So I did.

It helped a bit at first. After all, I reduced the inflammation in my knee by consuming massive amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs which reduced the pain somewhat, but that was not enough.

First half of my junior year in high-school, my second year of varsity basketball, was very unpleasant and irritating. That is when it got much worse.

In the middle of my junior year the same pain in my right knee appeared. Not bad pain at first, but it highly contributed to already high level of dissatisfaction and irritation. In addition, my left achilles showed some signs of instability and pain as I changed my jumping habits from two feet to one foot.

Thus here I was, in the middle of my junior year in high-school withboth knees and left achilles in pain. Unbelievable. So I had to see another doctor about all that.

So I did.

Another doctor in Florida came up with a conclusion that I have a Jumper’s knee. I am not going to go into detail what that is here, but in short, it’s an inflammation or a tendon injury at the point where the tendon attaches to the bone. So just above my both knee caps.

I was instructed to ice my both knees, take anti-inflammatory drugs and reduce the level of activity for few weeks.

Regarding my achilles, he pointed out that I am “a bit” flat footed, and need to buy foot support that is placed inside shoes.

So I did.

Miracle! After two weeks of rest, ice and plenty of drugs, I had no pain.


It all came right back at me after a week.

I was devastated.

I finished my junior year with constant, nagging and super annoying knee pain. My achilles was also reminding of itself once in a while, but not as bad. At least not at the moment.

I refused to play in AAU basketball (summer league for high-school players in US), as pain almost led me to quitting.

After my junior year, which was the most unpleasant experience in my whole life, I went to see another doctor in Europe.

After looking at me for five minutes, checking how my knees bend, how the knee caps move, he said that the pain is caused due to weak vastus medialis (VMO), or inner quad muscles.

The muscle imbalance led to constant pressure on my joints, which caused inflammation and pain.

He gave me several exercises to do in the weight room, and I swear the God, the knee pain abandoned me in two weeks for ever.

TWO WEEKS! That’s all it took. Simply due to muscle imbalance I had to experience the most irritating and annoying pain ever. If only I knew from the start.

My achilles, however, was getting worse and worse every year.

After I graduated, I got full basketball scholarship at Division 1 university. I thought that with all the people working there, with all those doctors and sport trainers, I will get fixed.

So I thought.

During my four-year career in D1 college basketball, I visited number of doctors.

All of them had one simple conclusion – you are flat-footed and due to lack of arch support my achilles was being under lots of tension. Mysteriously, my right foot was the same, but there were no pain. Doctors wrote that off simply by stating that my left leg is my main jumping leg.

I believed them. After all, I was young and inexperienced guy, and they were highly educated doctors.

So in addition to wearing arch support inside all of my shoes (running, basketball, walking, etc.), I constantly stretched my heel, did negative resistance exercises, iced, regularly consumed anti-inflammatory drugs, iced some more, slept with a boot for achilles tendonitis, wore a sock for achilles tendonitis, tested some high-tech plantar faciitis tools, massaged, did ultra-sounds with healing gel, and probably something more that I am forgetting.

All that reduced the pain slightly, but nothing solved the problem. Everything focused on the pain, and as I learned later, nothing focused on the cause.

After I graduated, I played professionally in Europe for three years. Every single season began with me taking two weeks off because my achilles got so much worse after summer workouts. No doctor I talked to could offer me a solution.

Then I moved to semi-professional level managing basketball with office work. During my second year of semi-professional career I accidentally came across this Soviet Union times physical therapist.

I had nothing to lose, I was not paying him, my current club at the time did, so I gave it a shot.

Once I told him about my achilles pain, he did not even look at my achilles. He started checking my hip and lower back (which constantly bugged me as well, but I was so used to it that did not even count as pain) flexibility.

He told me very confidently – it’s your tight hips and lower back that makes your achilles hurt.

I thought that he may have been drunk. How can lower back and hips cause achilles pain. He simply explained that everything is interconnected and that’s the cause, 100%.

He gave me few stretching exercises that I constantly did, because I simply had nothing to lose…

…and it was helping.

I felt my pain reducing. Then I started researching for exercises and stretches to make my hips and lower back strong and flexible. I tried so many of them, until I have come across few that literally released me of all the pain.

It’s been over a year that I have no lower back or achilles pain.

I stretch regularly. I workout regularly as it must become a lifestyle for everybody.

I learned the hard way that muscle balance and flexibility are the key points to pain-free body.

Here in bodyhacking.org we will attempt to provide guidance of how to keep pain-free body. How to make it a habit of working out. How to live a healthy lifestyle. And how to be happy with yourself.

On top of that, we will offer all the necessary products to keep fit, strong and flexible, and of course, something to wear while working out 🙂