Everyone needs a change once in a while, even the strongest, the bravest, and the most successful. Any change is a motion, a move forward to what you want to be.

We at Body Hacking love changing for the better.

About Body Hacking

Body Hacking is a passion-driven website dedicated to everything that is related to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Here, you will find tons of useful information on:

  • Healthy lifestyle, diet, and workouts
  • Where to start and how to succeed in fitness – tips and tricks for beginners
  • How and which exercises to perform to achieve success faster and smarter
  • Sports physiology and theoretical aspects of bodybuilding
  • Motivation and spirit

But remember one thing: we can only show you the door – you will have to be the one to walk through it.

Body Hacking Scholarship Program at a Glance

Scholarship value: $500

Available to students of all kinds (full-time or part-time, undergraduate or postgraduate)

Entry requirements:

  • participants must submit at least 1000 words essay about fitness, nutrition or anything that is related to it.
  • one submission (essay) per participant
  • must be at least 18 years or older

Deadline: June 30th, 2018

Award Date: July 10th, 2018

Note: We run our scholarship program every year.

Previous winners:

How to lose weight fast but safe? Exact guide – 2016 June Winner

How to get bigger boobs? [Definite Guide] – 2016 December Winner

How to get taller fast? Quick & interesting tips – 2017 June Winner

Amazing Benefits Of Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements [BCAA] – 2017 December 31st Winner

How To Apply

Follow these simple rules to apply for Body Hacking scholarship:

  • Write an essay of at least 1000 words on any topic that would briefly explain something like examples above
  • Email the essay via an enclosed MS-Word document (.docx file) over to scholarship@bodyhacking.org
  • Provide the following additional information about yourself:
    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Contact email and phone
    • Name of your educational institution
    • Proof that you are student

Deciding the winner

The sole winner will be decided by the expert council of Body Hacking editors and writers based on the quality and originality of the submitted essay. We will choose the winner, contact him or her and arrange for the transfer of the prize.

The winner must confirm within two weeks by email.

The winner is solely responsible for paying all the required taxes from the sum of scholarship.

For any scholarship-related questions, please email us at scholarship@bodyhacking.org