How To Grow Taller


In this age where image is nearly everything, height does matter a lot. For those who feel that they are too short to make a strong visual impression, finding a legitimate method to either how to grow taller or at the least, how to appear taller can be a real problem. So in overall, the reason why this publication was written is to answer the question how people can increase their height. 

Forget numerous misleading scams,  - our 4 steps how to grow taller guide have identified safe, simple and scientifically proved methods that work to increase your height. In-depth explanations, examples, suggestions and results that can be reasonably expected are discussed to give you all of the information you need to choose one or other way how to get taller.

You should know up front, - nothing is going to happen overnight, - and that your effort has to be continuous and consistent for a long time.

There is one definite method that works – leg bone lengthening - but we have not included it because it requires major surgery, is extremely painful for years after and is extremely expensive.

Our four step grow taller plan includes successful exercises, the effects of nutritional modifications, the benefit of adequate and restful sleep and finally, the controversial topic of using naturally produced Human Growth Hormone, so just keep reading and you will get all the answers!

**As to the last subject, hGH, it should be noted that distribution of HGH is illegal and prosecutable as a federal crime in the U.S. without need to prove that intent to distribute or distribution occurred across state lines. This includes distribution through internet sites and distribution of counterfeit (fake) hGH. **

Step 1: Stretch Your Spine to Get Taller

how to grow taller fastStretching you spine may bring images of laying on a medieval rack and being pulled apart. Relax, – this is not the method we are talking about. Most people can experience gaining 1” – 3” in height and those who have been at desk jobs for years may even gain up to 6” just by doing exercises designed to stretch and realign the spine.

With the fantastic advances in technology, there is a downside that is causing problems with our spine. It is becoming evident that the people, as a life-form was not intended to sit on the rear end hour after hour.

As more people are getting jobs in call centers or office settings where their job consists of using a computer from 5 to 8 hours, – doctors are seeing an increase in complaints of back and neck pain.

Worse, spinal surgeons are seeing a huge increase in the number of spinal surgeries needed to correct damaged tissue, bones and discs. And, the majority of these problems are caused by poor posture.

Easiest Way How to Get Taller Fast

The simple answer is stand up straight but if you have been slouching for years, you’ll find it difficult to stand up tall for any length of time because you’ll be using muscles that you have ignored for some time.

Spine-stretching exercises.

Dr. Natasha Hayden who is a leading chiropractic physician uses the following image to show how slumping alters the position of our spine as well as shoulders and leg length. Slumping is common to school age children as well as adults since both spend a lot of time sitting at desks.

It takes months and even years for the spine to adopt the misalignments, hamstrings to shorten and back muscles to weaken.

The ultimate result in this discussion is that the height can get shortened by as much as 3” – 5” once this takes hold.  The good news is that it can be reversed with exercises!

By reversing the alignment of the spine and strengthening muscles and tendons, you will recover the height that was lost.

If you decide not to correct your posture and realign your spine because – “gosh! It takes so long to do it” – then, you can start saving money now for spinal surgery because whether you gain height or not, those are your choices.

Furthermore, until you have corrected your posture and strengthened the back muscles, you won’t be physically capable of practicing a good posture for very long.

On average, the recovery takes at least half as long as it did to scramble your spine.  So, if you’ve been slumping over a desk, squishing your spinal column into a pretzel for the last 5 years, it will take about 2.5 years to fix the problems.

But, it’s worth it on so many levels.

Exercises That Make You Taller

If you buy into the adage “no pain … no gain”, you need to change that thought immediately.

Lets be very clear:  Stretching should be Pain Free!

Warning:  When you feel a twinge, a sharp pressure, a clicking sound – you are forcing your body to do things that it is not able to do at this time.

Regardless of the type of exercise, you can only stretch so far without causing major damage—including torn ligaments or muscles.

Some yoga exercises which require that you stretch to one side or the other  have been reported to cause major bone spurs requiring surgery because the participant pushed the body where it was not able to go.

Start with passive and low impact stretching exercises for the first month or so allowing the muscles to gain strength and the tendons to gradually loosen.

Passive Stretching Exercises can I grow taller

Swimming is one of the best passive stretching exercises you can do because you are not impacting the spine with landings on fixed surfaces.

Exercises done in the pool such as stretching legs, arms and back muscles provide a safe alternative as well.

Bike to be taller

Bike riding stretches the legs muscles while building strength simultaneously.  This is another passive, low-impact exercise that will generate regaining the hamstring’s length  over time.  In riding a bike, it is essential to keep the back straight while leaning forward in order to get the most out of the exercise.

Hanging Out.

how to get taller

Hanging freely from any bar that will hold your weight as you slowly count out 20-seconds (1-mississippi, ect.) decompresses the spinal column by gravitational pull and strengthens the shoulder and upper body muscles needed  for correct posture.

Repeat this exercise 3 – 4 times in each daily session. Gradually increase the length of time to 30-seconds daily.

Cat Stretches. how to increase Your Height

Cat stretching exercises are passive yoga positions and should be done very slowly.  It is important to hold each position for at least 10-seconds before moving to the next one.

The image at left is a diagram of the position sequencing to make it easier to follow.

Starting at the top left (21), with the head back and the thighs directly under the buttocks forming a 90-degree angle, the back is pushed toward the floor.

Figure 22 shows the chest against the floor with the hips in the air stretching the back muscles and toning the tummy muscles.

Try to incorporate as many of these positions as you comfortably can. Remember, do not force your body to do things it is not yet ready to do.

The first few times you attempt the cat back stretch, you may only be able to get as far as figure 23.  That’s fine!

Cobra Stretch.grow taller with yoga

The Cobra Stretch is an advanced exercise that should be done after you accomplish each step in the Cat Back Stretch for more than a month.

The reason that it is advanced and should not be attempted in the early stages of your stretching routine is that it requires both upper body muscle development (first) and spinal limbering (first) that the Cat Back,

Hanging Out and physical activity exercises below prepare your body to do these exercises easily.

In top position, you start lying flat with your on your stomach with your chin in the air.  This is going to put pressure on the back muscles and front leg muscles.

In the second position, with upper arms as close to the torso as possible and hands flat on the floor, the body is lifted into final position.

The final position is with arms stretched out completely, shoulders and head reaching as far back as possible to align with hips and feet with toes pointing lying flat on the floor. This is putting your spine in a reverse curve to the front curve formed by slumping and slouching.

Each position is held for 30 – 60 seconds before going to the next one. Attempting this exercise too soon can cause ripped muscles and torn ligaments.

Physically Active Exercises to Increase Muscle Strength

curry-basketball-players-always-tallerExercises that are physically active are designed to strengthen all the muscles of the body – legs, back, arms and torso – which are necessary to maintain good posture all day.

Basketball  and soccer are great ways to develop strength in the arms, back and torso. All the muscles are put into use simultaneously.

Fit Walking is walking at a brisk pace and taking long steps that force the muscles of the legs and ankles to stretch out.

Keep the back and neck straight to align over the hips and swing the arms as far back and forward as possible while you walk.

Fit Walking is done in preparation for the next phase of your progression – Jogging.

ways to get tallerJogging and Running

Jogging and running do not use the same muscles. Compare  the difference in the positions of the legs.

In jogging, the focus is on the placement of the hips over the foot hitting the ground stretching the back muscles and increasing abdominal strength.

In running, the focus is on stretching out both upper and lower legs muscles and hamstring tendons.

The hips act as the center point between the feet.

In both, it is important to have the neck directly over the hips for best alignment.

Step 2: Maximize Growth With Nutrition

nutrition and growth

The discussion of how amino acids work in the body, what they do and what happens to the left-overs is fairly complete.

Eating proteins such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs (among others) is one of the main requirements for muscle and bone growth in humans.

If you get an insufficient supply of protein while you are growing to adulthood, it will prevent you from growing as tall as your DNA has programmed for you.

While that insufficiency cannot be completely reversed as an adult, eating more protein in combination with the rest of this 4-Step Plan can reawaken the increased secretion of your natural hGH.

The Chain Reaction

In order for your body to do any of the exercises listed above, it requires amino acids – aka more digestible protein.  It’s simple! The more energy required for a given activity or exercise, the more protein needed.

Passive and low-impact exercises actually require more protein than physical activities listed above because passive exercise burns more calories. That seems counter-intuitive but it’s true.

It doesn’t take as much energy to build muscle as it does to think and passive exercise uses brain energy over body energy.

Eating an exclusively high-protein diet is not enough because the chemical reaction necessary to initiate the release of amino acids requires minerals and micronutrients found in other food sources – vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, carbs and fats.

Not only is it important to add more protein to your diet, for the purpose of increasing the amount of hGH that is released while you sleep it is essential to eat a meal that is high in protein just before going to bed.

If you are overweight, get on a long-term weight loss program and lose weight before you attempt to increase height growth.

Obesity (which is 20 pounds more than the weight recommended for your height and age) decreases the amount of hGH that is released and blocks any additional release at night.

A balanced diet with more emphasis on proteins is the best nutrition solution to get taller.

Step 3: Maximize Growth With Sleep and Exercise

Stress And Height

There are 3 conditions that your body experiences that instigates the release of your own natural hGH (human growth hormone):

Sleep, stress and exercise. 

This is the reason that our discussion focuses on these three elements before anything else.

We’ll go into hGH in the next section but for now it is important to understand that this hormone is used to mend the body’s entire structure from cells in tissues to bone marrow that is deteriorating as part of the normal process of aging.

The only time that your body is not using massive amounts of energy occurs when you are asleep.  Getting a good night’s sleep – meaning 7.5 to 8.5 hours – allows your body time to complete the REM/NREM sleep cycles and in turn, finish the mending job that is needed.  By skimping on sleep, you are jeopardizing potential height growth.

Stress causes the cells in your brain, bones, muscles, tissues and organs to disintegrate at the cellular level. This destruction is immediately addressed by the release of additional hGH by the pituitary gland.

Stress causes this destructiveness faster than any normal deterioration and if left until you finally fall asleep the body is unable to repair it.

One way to diminish stress is through exercise. During any exercise, the brain releases happy hormones to reduce the damage that stress can have.

To complement brain’s activity, the pituitary gland sends out its repair team with hGH on board ready to respond to any “clean up on aisle x”.

Step 4: Increase Your Natural Human Growth HormoneHuman Growth Hormone

According to DEA’s Drug and Chemical Division, the function of hGH in the body is to regulate a balanced composition of growing cells, tissues and bone in the body, balance blood cells, redirect glucose, regulate metabolism, increase skeletal muscle and bone growth and protect functions of the heart.

Adding Vitamin D3 to your diet in the form of cod, tuna, mackerel, sardines or salmon at least once a day prevents bones from deterioration faster than normal when under stress, for example, and compliments the natural release of hGH directed to the bone marrow. Vitamin D1 is received from the sun which enhances D3.

When you are trying to grow taller, it is imperative that you have enough fuel for this to occur. This means increasing calories to a level that is in keeping with the amount of exercise that you are doing plus an additional 200 – 500 calories a day for height growth.

One way to do that is by increasing carbs which are first to be burned as fuel. Carbs burn fast and proteins burn slow.

The other way and probably the best way can be found in this guide how to increase HGH levels naturally

Adverse Effects of Synthetic hGH

The following are adverse side effects from legitimate injection-type manufactured hGH:

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Nerve, muscle and joint pain
  • Extremely high cholesterol levels
  • Contributes to growth of cancerous tumors
  • Increased fluid held in bodily tissues
  • Increased risk of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

Grow Taller Scams

There are a number of articles on the web that claim that using an hGH spray will cause your pituitary gland to release more hGH in a matter of hours.

There are also supplements that are supposedly able to do the same thing.

grow taller scams

The DEA and the Justice Department with the FDA make it a point to let people know that the “hGH molecule is too large for absorption” by the tissues in the mouth and if taken orally in pill form, the stomach acids digest the real hormone before it can be absorbed by muscles and tissues.

Additionally, the truth is that there are only two manufacturers allowed to produce hGH in the entire world:  Genentech and Elli Lily.  All other companies that claim that their product contains hGH for any purpose whatsoever are – in a word – liars.

In the introduction, the point was made that sales and distribution of real or counterfeit hGH in any form by any source – including on the web – is a felony with a minimum of 5 years in federal prison.

Many of the supplements on the web and open market today contain secretagogues.  This is not a stimulant to increase hGH release.  It is insulin medication for diabetics.

Using secretagogues in an hGH stimulant supplement introduces excess insulin into your blood stream and can easily result in dangerously low levels of glucose.  In other words, whether in spray or pill form, these will make you hypoglycemic which is just as deadly and has the same identical symptoms as diabetes.

Adverse Effects of Counterfeit hGH

Any product that claims to contain hGH and is not prescribed by and distributed by a licensed medical physician as injection treatments, is a counterfeit even if it only contains sage leaves.  The claim made is the basis for declaring it a counterfeit drug.

Adverse effects are unknown because these supplier lie about the contents, do not list all the contents and some include poisonous herbs.

If you purchase any product over the internet that claims to be an hGH supplement of any kind, you probably won’t actually receive it.  The federal government blocks the import of any product not approved by the FDA, DEA or NIH.


The first step to how to grow taller is to realign the spine, strengthen back and torso muscles and practicing good posture.  But, without a balanced diet that is slightly higher in protein intake and exercising to stretch muscles and ligaments the realignment will not occur.

There is no way to permanently increase your height in a matter of days.  It takes persistence and consistency in practicing the exercises, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep.


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