how to boost human growth hormone naturally

How to Boost HGH Naturally

There are many reasons why everyone should want to make sure they are not suffering from a deficiency in HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Bodybuilders know that this hormone is helpful in muscle recovery and repair, it’s the way new muscle is created. Believe it or not, there is also a very widely held theory that […]

protein pills vs protein powder

Protein Pills vs Protein Powder: Is there a difference?

Protein supplements aren’t for everyone, and their intake should be carefully monitored just like any other supplements. Although generally safe, there is a limit to how much protein you should consume during a 24 hour period. Overall, though, there are many benefits to taking protein supplements. Once you’ve made the decision, however, there is an […]

high protein foods

32 Tasty And Healthy High Protein Foods (No Shakes)

Let’s face it: not everyone is crazy about protein shakes. In fact, the protein shake movement has taken the health and fitness world by storm. It seems like every weight loss plan features meal supplements with shakes and smoothies to help you get the extra protein you need for lean muscle mass. There has to […]