Importance of Whey Protein

Importance of Whey Protein Powder

IMPORTANCE OF WHEY PROTEIN POWDERThe supplement industry generates billions of dollars a year worldwide, and protein powders take the lion’s share. There are literally thousands of brands of protein supplement in the market today, each one of them has its own special formula designed to maximize the benefit that you receive from your protein powder […]

Benefits of Baobab Fruit

5 Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit Powder

5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF BAOBAB FRUIT POWDERVery few people in the U.S. have ever even heard of the baobab fruit, but it is a superfood which is so powerful that it has been used medicinally in Africa for centuries. You will not believe how much nutrition is provided in this one single fruit. First, it […]

Components of Physical Fitness

5 Components of Physical Fitness

5 COMPONENTS OF PHYSICAL FITNESSOur bodies are machines of flesh and blood, and like machines they require maintenance to function at their top level. If you are some-body that takes good care of their body, then there’s nothing like it. You’re already on the first step.However, it is necessary to know what attributes factor into […]